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        Yongkang Zhonghuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. hotline: 15258981268| ykzh@ykzhonghuan.cn


        WHO WE ARE?

        We are a company with many years of experience in the production of special precision ceramics and the ability to design, manufacture, process and sell structural and functional parts of various special precision ceramics.

        Company Profile

        Deyu Precision Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. (HTTP://WWW. DAYOOCERAMIC. COM/) has many years of experience in producing special precision ceramics, and has the ability to design, manufacture, process and sell structural and functional parts of various special precision ceramics. At present, the company has production and processing equipment such as dry press, isostatic press, experimental furnace, flat kiln, machining center, surface grinder, universal internal and external grinder, centerless grinder and laser cutting machine, as well as complete high-precision testing equipment such as high-precision projector, three-dimensional tester, metallographic microscope, hardness tester and densitometer.

        With advanced production technology and complete production facilities, the company is one of the few domestic enterprises that can produce special precision ceramic structural parts and functional parts with machining accuracy less than 2 microns, and has strong core competitiveness in the same industry in China.

        Advantages of the company: 1. National new technology enterprises; 2. The company has a municipal R&D center; 3. Cooperation with domestic key universities and research institutes; 4. Design, molding, sintering and precision processing; 5. The products cover alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, silicon carbide and other precision ceramics; 6. ? Precision plus ? technology.

        The company has always been standing in the position of customers to solve problems, focusing on the principle of quality and delivery time, adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation and reassurance", and sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you.ABOUT US

        Industrial applications

        We are a leading aluminum foundry with capabilities to manufacture aluminum casting parts that meet any industrial needs. You can trust us to provide you the utmost quality products and services. Our aluminum casting products include:

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